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ReUSE: Upcycle Your Life

Support sustainable living and reduce waste. The ReUSE Minnesota business community connects you to local, thrifty and eco-friendly goods and services.

Why Should I ReUSE?

Reuse is great for our economy. The minnesota reuse sector generates almost $4 billion in annual gross sales. Reuse is cost-effective for consumers. Reuse reduces waste. Reuse conserves our precious resources.

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What is ReUSE Minnesota?

We are a non profit focused on bringing visibility to the reuse, rental and repair sector. We build our reuse community through networking, publicity and events. Our vision is a strong Minnesota reuse economy that leads the nation in documented environmental benefits through the intentional actions of committed individuals and institutions. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

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Who can be in the ReUSE Minnesota Member Network

Organizations of any size that operate in the reuse, rental or repair sectors, individuals interested in utilizing or promoting reuse and full time students. If you are passionate about reuse, we welcome you to join us.

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Who ReUSEs?

The Hipster


Combining a love for the environment with a cutting edge sense of style the Hipster carefully curates clothes, shoes, and accessories from ReUse businesses while saving money and the environment. Once they are meticulously styled they attack decorating their living spaces with used furniture, vinyl records and everything needed to be retro, but functional. The Hipster needs to know where to shop, donate, and get repaired so The Hipster uses


The Stay at Homer


For the Stay at Homer that treats running the house like a job, reuse is the way to go. So much of running a household can be maximized with a reuse philosophy. A Stay at Homer looks at their growing kid and thinks “if they outgrow a shirt before it wears out isn’t it smarter to buy a used shirt?” The Stay at Homer thinks repair, not replace when an appliance or yard tool stops working. A Stay at Homer reuses because they know that saving money, and the planet are great values to teach their family members.


The Simplifier


The Simplifier knows that less truly is more. They declutter their life by renting instead of buying. They donate and get rid of the stuff in their life that takes up space and mental energy. They know that if they need something that they can quickly summon on their phone and find out the closest place to get it. They save time, money, and most importantly mental energy. They have fully embraced a lifestyle that is sustainable, flexible, and rich in experience.


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