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Selling items can be a great way to make money on items you don't use anymore. Fortunately, there are many outlets that will offer to sell your items for you or connect you with a wide audience. It may take additional time and effort to list an item to sell, but it’s an attractive method for folks looking to recoup costs.

All for Reuse Map
This tool uses consistent terminology to categorize companies and organizations, and allows folks to post information on a free website that lets people browse built environment organizations and companies by category, by region/state/province, etc.

Dakota County Reduce & Reuse Map
Interactive map that can be filtered by item type

Hennepin County Choose to Reuse
Searchable database to buy, donate, sell, repair, rent, and share items in and around Hennepin County

Otter Tail County Choose to Reuse
List of charities, thrift shops, consignment stores, building and healthcare equipment businesses 

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This list is provided as a guide to direct your donation, repair, resale, and rental questions. It is not exhaustive, nor does it constitute an endorsement of any of the businesses listed.

Last updated: February 1, 2022

Reuse Minnesota was founded in 2012 and is a member-based nonprofit that supports repair, resale, and rental businesses, bringing visibility to the reuse sector as a means to lower our state's impact on the environment.

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