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Our Right to Repair Webinar

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Call TODAY to Show Your Support for Minnesota Passing Fair Repair Legislation

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Thank you to those of you that joined us for ReUSE Minnesota's February webinar on the Fair Repair legislation pending in Minnesota. This is an exciting time for the Fair Repair bill as it has started to be heard in the MN House Committees!

The passing of this bill is an important opportunity for Minnesota communities and local businesses by requiring electronics manufacturers provide consumers and independent repair shops with access to replacement parts, tools, manuals, software, and firmware. We've included a brief update on the MN Fair Repair bill, along with ways you can be involved in Minnesota becoming the first state to pass this legislation.


- The Fair Repair bill has been pending in Minnesota for the past five years, but this year has the strongest coalition and community support to-date.

- HF1138 (Fair Repair bill) passed out of the MN House Commerce Committee on Friday, March 8th, and will be referred for the next hearing with the House Judiciary Finance & Civil Law Committee on Tuesday, March 12th.

- The coalition is in the process of engaging testifiers and gathering support for the hearing.

How YOU Can Help Before the Next Hearing:

1. Contact your representatives

a. Find your MN House representative and call, or write a message at to request their support for the Fair Repair bill. You can communicate the environmental opportunity to reduce eWaste through greater repair (on average America throws out 416,000 phones per day), the economic opportunity for creating jobs as the first state to pass this bill, and the equity and fairness opportunity within electronic repair by making this information accessible.

2. Contact the House Judiciary Committee

a. Call or email members of the House Judiciary Committee, and share your support for the Fair Repair bill (HF 1138) and ask them to vote in favor of it at the upcoming hearing.

3. Come to the hearing & testify

a. Show your support in person by attending the hearing next Tuesday. Contact Tim Schaefer, the Minnesota coalition lead, if you would like to receive an update on the timing and location.

4. Thank the representatives moving this bill forward

a. Email Rep. Fischer (, and thank him for his commitment to this legislation and the positive impact it will have on businesses, communities, and the environment.

b. Email Rep. Halverson (, and thank her for the time she gave as the House Commerce Chair during the hearing on Friday, March 8th.

Our Right to Repair: How state repair laws can help consumers and businesses

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Join us for ReUSE Minnesota's February Webinar

Thursday, February 14

11am – 12 noon

Have you ever cracked your cell phone screen or needed to fix a TV, but it was more expensive to repair than to replace? Fixing things is a part of our American blood, yet manufactures often make it difficult or impossible to fix electronic products. Just like with your car repairs, consumers should be able to choose where they go to fix their cell phones, computers, appliances and farm equipment. Right now, independent repair shops are not able to buy specific parts or repair manuals for these products from manufacturers.

Join us for this webinar to learn how legislation currently in play at the state level can help keep electronics working longer and build a vibrant repair economy.

Free to attend!

Register online


  • Amanda LaGrange, CEO, Tech Dump and Tech Discounts
  • Kyle Opdahl, CEO & Owner, CPR Midwest Holdings
  • Nathan Proctor, Director, U.S. PIRG Campaign for the Right to Repair

Amanda LaGrange
Tech Dump is an e-waste recycling, refurbishing, and retail social enterprise that creates jobs for people facing barriers to employment. Amanda helped to found Tech Dump as a board member in 2010, joined the organization’s team as the Director of Marketing in 2013, and was named CEO in 2015. An Indiana native and proud millennial, Amanda graduated from Indiana University.

Nathan Proctor
Nathan leads U.S. PIRG’s Right to Repair campaign, working to pass legislation that will prevent companies from blocking consumers’ ability to fix their own electronics. U.S. PIRG is a national network of advocacy groups that stand up for the public whenever their rights, health or democratic rights are threatened. Nathan lives in Arlington, Mass., with his wife and two children.

Kyle Opdahl
CEO and owner of CPR Midwest Holdings and Midwest Area Developer for Cell Phone Repair (CPR), the franchise, and works with Franchisees and partners to open and operate stores in Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, & South Dakota. Opdahl is a mobile technology and device repair expert and has worked with all of the large U.S. mobile wireless carriers dating back to 1999. He also worked for Verizon Wireless Corporation in Minnesota in Retail and Sales Account Manager. He lives in the St. Paul area with his wife and daughter and son, and enjoys boating, grilling and fishing on the states many lakes.

Contact us at or (612) 352-9119.

And speak out for your right to repair…

Find out who represents you in Minnesota’s state legislature. Tell them that you want the right to repair your products. Tell them you support the Fair Repair bills. Tell them repair is good for the environment, good for consumers, and good for businesses. It’s easy at this link, made just for Minnesota -- us for ReUSE Minnesota's February Webinar